Coventry Deaf Woman praises CWSLIS in inspirational article

The article below is an inspirational account of a BME member’s experience of being an Olympic ambassador last year, which Rita Bagga would like to share with readers as an interesting, part social achievement.

“I am writing to describe my experience of being a volunteer Olympic Ambassador and I am a Deaf, Asian Woman and Mother in Coventry who took part in the London 2012 Olympics.

I was chosen to be one of the 300 ambassadors to welcome the world to Coventry. The role of ambassador was to welcome visitors and to give information and guidance about the events and routes in Coventry.
Over a few weeks I took part in the ambassadors training programme organized by David Boughey from Coventry University and Jon Hunt from Coventry City Council.

I worked as an ambassador on different days and at different venues in and around Coventry, including the live site at Millennium place and at the City of Coventry Football Stadium.
To enable equal access for communication skills, I worked with BSL Interpreters from Coventry and Warwickshire Sign language Interpreting Service (CWSLIS). I was approached by people from all over the world (including Japan, Sweden, Canada, France, and Mexico) asking different questions about transport, event tickets and about the ‘Godiva Awakes’ festival. I was able to communicate fluently and smoothly with them all via BSl Interpreters using our wonderful Sign Language. The visitors watched me use BSL to say ‘hello and welcome to Coventry’, and to wish them goodbye and to enjoy the Olympics. I was also proud to see Clare Edwards interpret the ‘Godiva Awakes’ event on the big screen in Coventry.

I am really very delighted with my experience of being a Coventry Ambassador.
I would like to thank Coventry City Council and Coventry University for providing BSL Interpreters and hope they will continue to do so for similar events in the future. I wan t to say many thanks to Rachel Tipping, Janette Gibbs and Clare Edwards from Coventry and Warwickshire Sign Language Interpreting Service, I can’t manage without interpreters in my life. 


I find that these two interpreters have done a brilliant job. Also the person who I contacted via email to request to book an interpreter was brilliant.