Feedback: Integrated Pantomime at Belgrade Theatre

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Re: Pantomime: “Jack and the Beanstalk”

A group of us (40 in all) from the Deaf Community went to the excellent Pantomime at the Belgrade Theatre on 4th January.

The cast, splendid scenery, colour and visuality enhanced the whole lively show.  But for us, it was the interpreters who made it come alive.  Through their efforts and understanding of Deaf Culture, we were all able to absorb the happy atmosphere – and even get involved in the audience participation.  The increase in the number of deaf people who went to the show is testimony to the employment of interpreters and also to the positive outlook by theatre staff and cast – which surely benefits them and the Deaf Community.

We even got to be involved in the ad-libbing.  Great!

Some of us come from outside Coventry, all have said it was well worth the travel to see the show.

We particularly appreciated the fact that Iain Lauchlan and his ‘side-kick’ took the trouble to come and talk to us.

The theatre deserves to be congratulated on the BSL Integrated Performance, which added to our pleasure of the show, particularly as, although they are professionals to a high degree, both Clare and Rachel are well known in the Deaf Community and are regarded as friends to us all.

All in all, a great show and cast. Thanks to everybody. You are all TOPS.

With my regards

Jeanne Brown (on behalf of all of us who attended the show)

P.S. Can Iain’s costumes be any more imaginative/outrageous??? Wow!!



I and the family would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation for your interpreter’s services at the funeral of my husband… Her compassionate presentation and consummate professionalism throughout has been noted and commented on by many. Scores of people were fascinated