Deaf Awareness Training

Why get deaf aware?

In the UK there are about 10 million people who have some degree of difficulty hearing. That's about one in every sixth person.

What does that mean?

It means that your staff will be coming into daily contact with clients, customers and colleagues who are partially or totally deaf. By making them deaf aware, you improve your customer service, which in turn, improves your customer's satisfaction. You will also work towards meeting your obligations under UK equality laws to make your service more accessible.

The demand for deaf awareness training is being driven by the increasing need for everyone to have a basic deaf awareness. By choosing our course you will be providing a more comprehensive service to your customers.

Why Choose us?

We provide the Signature Deaf Awareness Course which is certified by them.

Signature is a charity which promotes excellence in communication with deaf people. They are an awarding body for British Sign Language, deaf awareness, interpreting, translation and deaf communications and are uniquely placed to understand the issues and barriers deaf people face in their everyday lives, and the needs of organisations.

What you will learn:

Introduction to deafness

The course will take you through how to recognise if someone is deaf and the terms used to describe deaf people.

Communicate clearly

The course covers do's and don'ts when communicating with deaf people, some basic communication tactics, and how to get the environment right.

Communication aids

The course will outline the communication aids available to assist communication with deaf people.

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I find that these two interpreters have done a brilliant job. Also the person who I contacted via email to request to book an interpreter was brilliant.